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Mon 21st July

Footfall down (again) as online sales surge

The seismic shifts taking place in retail thanks to the rise and rise of e-commerce shows no signs of slowing...

Bellwether Q2 2014
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Thu 17th July

Bumper growth for 2014 says Bellwether

The IPA’s quarterly Bellwether report, released today, continued much like the previous seven quarters with good news. If this continues...

different northumberland
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Wed 16th July

Northumberland wants you

Northumberland, our beautiful neighbour, is on a mission to win Best UK Holiday Destination at the British Travel Awards.

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Tue 15th July

@wherenext? Ask Heineken

@wherenext, a new tool on Twitter, provides recommendation for bars, cafes and restaurant to users who tweet with their current...


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owl and the copycat
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Tue 15th July

The owl and the copycat

If you’re a UK adult the odds are that you access a search engine every day. 91% of us do. But thanks to scammers, Google and the rest are not the safest way to access government services online.

barker and stonehouse summer brochure
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Fri 4th July

Hazy dazy summer sales

St David's fashion 48 sheet summer 2014
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Mon 23rd June

From high street to high end

IPC Beauty 3
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Wed 11th June

Beautiful decisions

IPC Media tablet research
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Tue 10th June

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